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Certified Google Analytics Agent (^_^)

I finally made it!!!

After the long time studying to the point I lost my focus and interest because its getting hard to cope up with all those analysis quizzes/activities in Digital Analytics Fundamentals along Adwords questions with Google Analytics - those are the hard part of understanding and passing this exam!

Then again!

God gave me perseverance, knowledge and wisdom to really made it!
Thank you so much Lord God (^_^)

This is actually late post, I took the exam Sept. 28. And tonight, me and my boss met in one place to have dinner and discuss about business stuff in our company's clients...

He mentioned my evaluation in one of his client's Google Analytics account, passing the and having certified agent gives credibility in our company...

And, he is giving me a raise in my salary (^_^) yey!!!

Hopefully my health continues to improve so I can work full-time very soon.

Thank you Lord God. Gracias!

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