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5 Star Honor Award from Evesun Software Phils. Corp.

Thank you, Lord God, for all the unexpected blessings! During our year-end virtual party, I was surprised to receive this 5-star award = agent who receives the above 95% evaluation consecutively in clients he/she handles. Thank God for all the blessings of knowledge and wisdom to know how to comprehend and accomplish all the tasks from all clients assigned to me... it is not easy to handle more than 1 client in one day - especially if the task is troubleshooting with a time limit.
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While I was browsing in my Facebook this morning ... saw this "remember this day" like 97% of the web devs in this photo are now resigned I think?

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A chat with a client using Basecamp platform :)

Where to find MESSAGE REQUEST in Facebook Messenger Using Phone / Tablet?

That is the questions often asked whenever I private message someone who is not a friend in my client's support group... So I recorded a small video using iPhone... here it is... In Android: on this part click where the green circle is Let me know for any questions :) But I think that is clear enough (^_^)

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Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) - August 12, 2019

So... its HOLIDAY! NO WORK WITH PAY! (^_^)

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