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Gregory Goes There K2 Template Design

Another template design using the K2 Themes for Gregory Goes There blog of my client with Random Header T_T waaa ang hirap kasi k2 is using their own Multi-CSS here are the screen shots



  1. thanks 4 giving me comment yesterday, hey you made template.. it's nice template. i read several of your blog and i found that you quite familiar in making template with CSS, PHP, etc.. i just know a little bit using CSS and HTML and made me confuse with all character of code...hehehehe, but I keep trying to learn all of matter.. btw I learn by myself.. maybe you want to share your knowledge.. oh ya i love designing too.. maybe we can discuss about design later...

    btw nice slide.. that is beautiful picture.

  2. Hi Prejudas
    yeah we can share knowledge if you want just drop by every now and then


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