Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I won Nokia 2680 Slide

Just today around 11:00am in our office... my cellphone rang and it was from Nokia Philippines but its number was a Globe sim...
I was hesitant when a lady (named Anne) told me "congratulations you have won the Nokia 2680 slide!"

I said "ahihihi are you sure?" and she asked me details like "complete name and address?"
syempre hindi ko binigay! I replied "if you have the details of my registration how come you are asking me these information?"

She said "you still didn't believe me that you have won Ms. Lahora"
I explained why should I when a stranger just ring my phone and asked me personal details and telling me I won why should I believe? of course not!

(wahahaha! nanalo nga ako?!)

and She said all the details from her computer (on my registration) she also explained that she is just verifying if I'm really the person she wanted to talk to...(^_^)

as confirmed she said a registered mail will arrive in the address I specified and then I will claim the Nokia 2680 here in Davao City (^_^)

Sige will be updating one of my blogs as soon as I will get that Nokia 2680!



RoNald said...

congats ice... burger! burger! burger!

Aice Nice Concepts said...

nag Libre na ako katong MM chocolates sa lunch nato... mao sa karon kay wala pa man un phone (^_^)

Pinoy Contests said...

Hi! Nice blog! Paano po kayo nanalo ng phone? Promo ba to?

Aice Nice Concepts said...

pinoy contest,
yes it was a promo... bale if you buy any nokia cellphone you are entitled to join the contest (^_^)

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