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15 L.U.F.F.S. Meme

I was tagged by Clair B (Maldita) Thank you so much Ma'am (^_^)

This meme is all about 15 Lousy Unknown Factoids, Fantasies and Secrets of yourself/myself...

so here are my answers waaa 15 gyud???...

  • 1.I love water
  • 2.I like Italian foods.
  • 3.Fan of science, anything about science. (fiction and non-fiction)
  • 4.I don't like too much sweet foods.
  • 5.I have very high standard when it comes to cake. So please be careful if you give me one. I might not eat it.
  • 6.I love ice cream and shakes.
  • 7.I only talk to people who talks to me.
  • 8.I have so many crushes before but not anymore.
  • 9.I may be so friendly with guys but all of them knows my limitations.
  • 10.Seriously no man has ever touched nor kiss me.
  • 11.I realize I was a nocturnal person after I have been in night shift. I see and more alive in the evening than in day but I also like to sleep at night than being at day.
  • 12.So you may say I really like to sleep oh yes I'm a sleeping beauty (my favorite fairytale)
  • 13.Every time I sleep I have dreams.
  • 14.Waaa ano pa bah? Hirap naman nito hmmm, ok I love vegetables, I can live eating vegetables than eating meat.
  • 15.Hayzzz meron pa bah? Nauubusan na ako eh... sige eto nalang... Aice came from the combination of (Ai-ai my nickname at home) + (Ice my nickname at school) = Aice.

Whew! The end... now I'm not tagging anyone (^_^) kasi alam ko mahihirapan sila sumagot baka magalit pa sa akin eh (^_^)

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  1. corrections :)
    9.I may be so friendly with guys but all of them knows my limitations.

    bale its

    9.I may be so friendly with guys but all of them knows my limitations meaning their limitations over me (^_^).

  2. So sorry Aice... I didn't realize mahirap pala pag 15. Personally di kasya sa akin ang fifteen. Meron pa sana ako'ng additional LUFFS. Kaso 15 lng talaga binigay.

  3. claireb,
    wow talaga! kulang ang 15 sa iyo (^_^)
    dami mo palang mystery in life (^_^)


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