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Manual BackLinks Checking

I was very happy to know that three of my "ka-tropa" office mates have made it to PR3 (^_^) namely Pagtuki, Salted Bukayo and Your Kind of Blog

weeiii!!! nice kaayo noh (^_^) and So I changed the Ex-links from "More cool Links" page to my main page blogroll "Nice Cool Links" because they have meet the standard of Ice 9 Web blogroll.

I hope you guys will keep it up, just remember some of the tiny pointers I shared (^_^)

remember keep it up else you be back on my "More Cool Links" page (Y_Y)



  1. tsk tsk tsk high standard jud ni c aice ba hehehe. thanks for this post and the transfer of my link to "Nice Cool Links" ^_^

  2. oi naa ko diri?
    Aahahah salamat kay nabalhin ko sa imong main page miss Aice. salamat sa dakong suporta nga imong gigahin alang sa mga ubos nga bloggerista nga susama sa amoa. dakong pagtimbaya sa katilingban nga nabaton na namo ang gitawag nga PR3 wahahaha. burger naman jan.

  3. Lemon,
    ala eh syempre (^_^)

    salamat (^_^)

  4. sorry kau ha karon lng ko nag comment :)

    better late than drop out? aw este tama ba? hehe

    thanks naa nko sa "cool links"

    kahilak mn pud tag tagok ani uie..hehe

  5. ok lang jacob,

    better late than never (^_^)


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