Monday, December 29, 2008

Last Day of Work for 2008

Here are the hard working employees of Eversun Software Philippines Corp. working on special holiday and considered the last day of work in year 2008
continue reading to see the photos. . . (^_^)

The AS = Althone Borja
Last Day of Work for 2008

Blogging From Home Testimonial

Last Day of Work for 2008
Meron pa talagang row na walang ka-tao-tao (Y_Y) nagkaisa?

Last Day of Work for 2008

and the pinaka-dulong Row
Last Day of Work for 2008

Weeeiii! see you next year folks (^_^)


Monday, December 22, 2008

Vacation Leave at Blue Jaz Samal Island

My College classmates and I were so lucky to experience the fire dance at Blue Jaz Resort in Samal Island
It was unexpected, A foreigner I guess invited some fire dancers for his own entertainment, and since the place was serene, peaceful and decent people like me (audience) didn't come close to view, and so these videos was taken far my estimate are about 10-meters away...

Please read my complete information about Blue Jaz Samal Island and my slide-show Vacation Leave at
and some of my photos at


Monday, December 15, 2008

Don’t Drift Away

There are so many reasons to drift away from worshiping God, from going to church and reading the Bible.

For the past days I have been so tired of doing the same things all over everyday, my vacation leave can help me “miss” what I used to do… or it will not?

I need to think very well during my vacation leave at the moment, be isolated for awhile to let me know if I still wanted to work on the same company or find another company that pays well enough.

Anyway our topic for the Sunday service was “Don’t drift away”.
Pastor Ken told us the story about riding a boat or ferry, what we should always have are:

  1. A life jacket – incase of emergency we can stay float till the rescue comes

  2. Anchor on the Boat or Ferry – if ever the engines get damage at lease it can not drift away with an anchor.

To bare this in mind we should not neglect our relationship with God and live a righteous life, just like the boat Jesus is our anchor.

read my Christian life experience post...


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Registered mail from Nokia 2680

I received a registered mail from Nokia last Friday, November 21, 2008... it was the follow up proof that I have really won the Nokia 2680 slide

The Newspaper post:

The registered mail from Nokia:

I will be claiming it either tomorrow or tuesday (^_^)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Twitter Badge

This task was given to me long time ago, but since my client told me its not that important I didn't look further to find solutions in the previous twitter badge plugin that is not working.

Another twitter badge was found and this time it works very well...

All you have to do is to customize according to your suite of taste.
Graphics and color combinations.

Here is a screen shot of my made twitter badge for my client

Twitter Badge, BasecampComm

and Here is the link where you can customize your Twitter Badge


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I won Nokia 2680 Slide

Just today around 11:00am in our office... my cellphone rang and it was from Nokia Philippines but its number was a Globe sim...
I was hesitant when a lady (named Anne) told me "congratulations you have won the Nokia 2680 slide!"

I said "ahihihi are you sure?" and she asked me details like "complete name and address?"
syempre hindi ko binigay! I replied "if you have the details of my registration how come you are asking me these information?"

She said "you still didn't believe me that you have won Ms. Lahora"
I explained why should I when a stranger just ring my phone and asked me personal details and telling me I won why should I believe? of course not!

(wahahaha! nanalo nga ako?!)

and She said all the details from her computer (on my registration) she also explained that she is just verifying if I'm really the person she wanted to talk to...(^_^)

as confirmed she said a registered mail will arrive in the address I specified and then I will claim the Nokia 2680 here in Davao City (^_^)

Sige will be updating one of my blogs as soon as I will get that Nokia 2680!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Eversun Software in Bernardo Building New Office

It has been exactly four days now, since we have transfered. Everything is new, the way I will ride the jeeps and atmosphere... I felt like in our place now in Bonifacio St., its like we are really in the CITY!!! cost of living are high not like in Matina where we can spend 40pesos with a very good meal...
I'm not complaining, may be its part of adjustment period... but I want to write here all the comparison in our old and new office.

Tanglish na ulit (^_^)

Transportation... kahit malayo ang Matina believe me I was never late, dito sa new office I was almost late on my first day and today 8:01 ako log in!
pero noon sa Matina pa kami average time are around 7:30 to 7:45 (login) ngayon bakit? anong nangyari! why? because its only Ulas jeep that goes to Bonifacio St. and nothing more...
so if I can't find Ulas jeep? lakad blues ever... naglagay na nga ako ng ankle support kasi as I expected mas madaming lakaran... noon I only walk from our house to sakayan ng Obrero Jeep (medyo malayo din yun) pero after that Obrero jeep pag-baba ko madaming Matina, Bangkal, etc... so madaming Jeeps dumadaan going to Matina... and they will exactly drop you infront of our old office building no more lakaran ever! akyat nalang ng isang stairs dyan na... two jeeps lang ayos na... dito not only do I have to walk from our house to sakayan ng Obrero jeep but also... waaa! yun na!

Lunch time... waaa! ang mahal ng rice dito sa downtown ha (8pesos) ok lang man sana kung mahal basta malaki eh ang liit! mas maliit pa sa rice doon sa Matina kinakainan namin which is only 6 or 7 pesos... I really felt we are in the CITY na... imagine magpila ka pili ng food then pila na fud when you pay sa food hayzzz daming kumakain eh (Y_Y)

My work station
bbbrrr! sa old office I was only avoiding one AirCon here in our new office its four as in apat siya na aircon nakatapat sa akin! bbbrrr! because my work station was situated in the middle of the entire floor so all the airCons surrounded bagsak sa akin! imagine mo nalang bbbrrr!
its so cold that I can't even think what I'm going to do for the day... all I can think about is finding a place where I can exhaust the chills in my body... in short... lakad ako dito ... walk going to the pantry... walk going to the rest room ... walk walk walk... when I got to my work station? FaceBook and blogging nalang, I really can't think of things to do bbbrrr...

I already requested for transfer of my work station... hopefully it will be granted.

Well let see the positive naman baka maya you will think I only see the negative eh...
for the positive...

hmmm... since we are all situated in one floor (not like before in our old office 1st and 3rd floor) I'm getting to familiarize all our fellow officemates...

and the new office is absolutely BIG and HUGE... so during meeting time madaming place where we can talk privately example if an admin wants to talk with us agents... at meron narin Training Room (oh diba bonga! kung baga meron nang nursery station sa mga new agents bago isasabak sa mga nakakalitong clients!(^_^)

not like before kami mga pioneering employees wahahaha!
anong training? that was only "a status" but there was really NO training sabak kagad sa client, without any knowledge "what you are going to do" basta yun na yun... matira matibay kung hindi mo alam how to handle a client and find ways how to do your tasks... patay end of contract! means resign.

in our new office compare sa old office? in my own opinion, I still like our old office even if its very far from our house... I can manage and organize my time very well pero sa walking chuvaness waaa!

sige lang... like I said "I'm still adjusting" my body will compensate all these walking distance and I will develop more stamina and strength to overcome all these physical pressures "I'm perspiring from walking and when you arrive at the office my work station is surrounded by four AirCons waaa!". sana ma transfer na ako ASAP!

But still I missed our meals in Matina! (Y_Y) may mga videos nga kami when we eat our lunch, someone requested never to publish it kaya I can't post nor upload it on any of my blogs I will keep my promise... pinakita ko sa kanila ulit... natawa sila... maka-miss... all the affordable and delicious food... huhuhu!


Friday, October 31, 2008

Eversun Agents Last Lunch in MacArthur Highway Matina Davao

I can remember on my first "day shift" work it was December 17, 2007...
the first "karinderia" kinainan namin was the one who gave the despedida eat all you can ... (I was with Roy Basiera, Admiral and John) ang bait talaga ng may-ari noh?

Now, today the last karinderia "Lunch" that I have ate with our fellow office mates was the same "karinderia" too (^_^) maka miss naman oi! kaya I have taken this opportunity to have a video along with my fellow officemates whom I'm with having our last lunch in MacArthur Highway, Matina.

MacArthur highway Matina davao city

MacArthur highway Matina davao city

and a picture sa mga barkada ko sa night shift
MacArthur highway Matina davao city

The only thing that I don't like in our new building is that "nasa 3rd floor na siya" but the location Bonifacio St., is fine with me.
hayzzz sige lang I will try my best to exercise.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Despedida Eat All You Can

We were surprise in our nearby "karinderia" may buffet table full of foods (^_^) at sabi ng may-ari na Eat all you can for Eversun employees daw weeeiii! for only 50pesos with all the desserts and fruits yummy here are our pictures...

Despedida Eat All You Can

Eversun Software Phils, Despedida Eat All You Can

Eversun Software Phils, Despedida Eat All You Can

Eversun Software Phils, Despedida Eat All You Can

At siya po ang dahilan sa treat na eto (^_^) maraming salamat Ate Baby!
Eversun Software Phils, Despedida Eat All You Can

sarap talaga ano sige inom pa kayo wag mahiya (^_^) baka maya hindi kayo matunawan! (^_^)
Eversun Software Phils, Despedida Eat All You Can

We the day shifts agents were the last to have a work here in our original first office at Diamond building mamayang exactly 6:00pm hindi mamaya, sorry akala ko Friday na ngyaon Thursday pa pala... sorry po ahihihih bale tomorrow Friday 6:00pm all the computers will be pack to be transfered in the new office at 3rd floor of Bernardo Building, Bonifacio St.

So babye na Diamond building (Y_Y) huhuhu!

Welcome Bernardo Building (^_^)

weeeiii! malapit na sa Obrero means I do not have to wake up that early! (^_^)

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eversun Software Phils new office

We are counting the days to transfer in our new office at Bernardo Build. Bonifacio St., Davao City

The admins have made their videos so here we go (^_^)

The one speaking is our Agent Supervisor in day shift.

Well exactly next month nasa new building na kami (^_^) after daw ng Halloween
I'm excited na eh! pero baka ako maligaw ahihihih

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

ANC in Careers GenSan TOUR with MBS2

Galing talaga ng pagka organize ng MBS2 sa GenSan not only bonga na super duper saya pa!. .

This post is yet to be continued kasi nasa GenSan pa ako now and about to go home in Davao i'm spending time here in Gaisano Mall of GenSan at Spazio we ate lunch and also using wifi of course ü wag nyo muna press ang continue reading wala pa e2 mshado laman pictures and videos coming up! Stay tune .

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit

Live in GenSan for the Mindanao Bloggers Summit.:) At the moment we are having open forum . . . With the speakers Pierre Tito Galla, Walter Balane and Hector Miñoza. . .
Blogie also shared his insights "be serious bout your blog:) try to improve your write, promote your blog, concentrate on your blog and improve your blog"

He is very right!

This post is to be continued . . . Pictures are coming up Here are the pictures... (^_^)

The Convention at Family Country Hotel
2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit in GenSan TOUR
2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit in GenSan TOUR

2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit in GenSan TOUR

2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit in GenSan TOUR

2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit in GenSan TOUR

2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit in GenSan TOUR

The freebies
2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit in GenSan TOUR

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In My Humble Opinion: Think Positive

ronald villapaz, In My Humble Opinion Think Positive
I won a 50 pesos from In My Humble Opinion blog luckily nakuha ko daw un answer so eto na ang pictures together while he was giving me the prize
grabe gyud ka shy type niya ai! ayaw magpa kita ng mukha sa camera kay baka daw post nako! alangan blogger dili mag-post?

ronald villapaz, In My Humble Opinion Think Positive
We even argued about this picture (my gosh) since yesterday afternoon until morning of this day whew! ana mi ka lambing sa among tropa ai!

Anyway, RoNald thank you so much for posting that story na alam ko na hindi mo alam na alam ko (^_^) and giving me the 50 pesos bill wee!!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Mc Donald Gift Certificate

Mc Donald Gift Certificate
Oh yes! just this morning I just received a McDonald Gift Certificate from Batang Yagit and Jehzeel Laurente ang saya-saya weeeiii! pictures are here na (^_^)

Mc Donald Gift CertificateI was one of the voters in Philippine Blogger's Choice Award (^_^) buti nalang si Batang Yagit yun na-boto ko (^_^)
and just this morning around 8:00am I received a LBC mail from Jehzeel Laurente galing talaga ni jehz! buti nalang dumating this week coz our office are about to transfer within this end of the month

it was a 200 pesos Gift Certificate from McDonald yummy!
galing talaga (^_^) next time ulit (^_^)
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Friday, October 10, 2008

500 Internal Server Error in Falbum

Today I was troubled with this "500 Internal Server Error" in one of the Wordpress Plugin called FAlbum... pareho naman settings from localhost at sa hosting pero ayaw parin it worked perfectly on Localhost but on Live error talaga grrr
I tried it on my own wordpress blog version 2.5 ganon parin?! what is wrong...

Then finally I solve the problem it wasn't htaccess but just in the plug-in itself

record ko lang dito un mga settings baka makalimutan ko ulit.

depends on the template if using friendly urls or not.
check on the default template setttings
and also make sure no duplication in htaccess command line
check on Ajax
don't forget to clear the cache before implementing above notes (^_^)


Monday, October 6, 2008

15 L.U.F.F.S. Meme

I was tagged by Clair B (Maldita) Thank you so much Ma'am (^_^)

This meme is all about 15 Lousy Unknown Factoids, Fantasies and Secrets of yourself/myself...

so here are my answers waaa 15 gyud???...

  • 1.I love water
  • 2.I like Italian foods.
  • 3.Fan of science, anything about science. (fiction and non-fiction)
  • 4.I don't like too much sweet foods.
  • 5.I have very high standard when it comes to cake. So please be careful if you give me one. I might not eat it.
  • 6.I love ice cream and shakes.
  • 7.I only talk to people who talks to me.
  • 8.I have so many crushes before but not anymore.
  • 9.I may be so friendly with guys but all of them knows my limitations.
  • 10.Seriously no man has ever touched nor kiss me.
  • 11.I realize I was a nocturnal person after I have been in night shift. I see and more alive in the evening than in day but I also like to sleep at night than being at day.
  • 12.So you may say I really like to sleep oh yes I'm a sleeping beauty (my favorite fairytale)
  • 13.Every time I sleep I have dreams.
  • 14.Waaa ano pa bah? Hirap naman nito hmmm, ok I love vegetables, I can live eating vegetables than eating meat.
  • 15.Hayzzz meron pa bah? Nauubusan na ako eh... sige eto nalang... Aice came from the combination of (Ai-ai my nickname at home) + (Ice my nickname at school) = Aice.

Whew! The end... now I'm not tagging anyone (^_^) kasi alam ko mahihirapan sila sumagot baka magalit pa sa akin eh (^_^)

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday

Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday
Today is the birthday of Venice Marie Quiñon
I remember last year of the same date October 6, 2007 around 7:00am, I received text from Cesar Noel Quiñon saying "nanganak na missis ko babae siya" the thought was something like that... that time I just finish the night shift as part time PM and agent, returning the office keys to Ma'am Merju's appartment (kasama ko pa si Melissa Dalmacio and Marites Hervas)... and so that was the reason I put Oct. 6 at my greetings' card instead of yesterday's celebration.

I never saw Venice Marie Quiñon (ala eh wala man ko sa binyag) but yesterday Oct. 5 celebration at Grand Menseng Hotel not only did I saw Venice Marie Quiñon but the rest of the family...

Here are the pictures:

Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday
venice marie quiñon family
Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday

I arrived at Grand Menseng Hotel around 1:30pm (so early ha!) kasi kasi kasi...
after church we went to lunch with some Bible study friends then I went straight to the said venue... oh I was surprise may kilala ako?! yung sa front desk she was a good childhood friend (of my sister) her name is Magsy Golosino here's a stolen shot of her (ssshhh wag kayo maingay)
magsy golosino
magsy golosino
magsy golosino

Then after 5mins. I text Cesar I'm already at Grand Menseng Hotel and told him why I was so early... around 1:45pm dumating narin sila Venice Marie eto yung first camera shot
Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday
Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday

I gave my gift it was a hello kitty terno dress (yan kasi hilig ko na branded items medyo pricey pero ok lang hindi naman palagi) wrap in show white b-day bag and sleeping beauty greetings' card (sayang I forgot to take a picture of it)

Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday
Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday
Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday

Here are our videos at the party:

Anyway, after the party me James and Aubrey decided to go at Gmall...
Aubrey and I bought some stuff in grocery and accidentally we saw Chattee yeah it was Katherine Lara after grocery we thought of watching movie (^_^)


Cool Song